It’s time to get serious with money.


Learn the 4-Step Process to find peace of mind with your money system and live life feeling true to yourself WITHOUT cutting down on your budget.


Is this your day to day?

No matter how hard you work with money, it feels like it’s never enough. So, you don’t want to spend for anything unless it’s an emergency.

You feel worried and guilty about spending money, even if you know that you have made it financially.

If you stop working, or take a leave, you fear that you’re not doing enough. Your answer to problems is to hustle until you burn yourself out.

Now, your life consists of waking up, working, sleeping, and repeating the same process day in and day out. You've asked yourself: "Is this all there is?"

I get it. I was once there.

When I graduated from college. I believed my world was my oyster. I had money from previous businesses, I was already profitable even before graduating, and I had the skills needed to make money out of nothing. Opportunities followed me left and right.

Money. Network. Skills. Self-Assurance. Friends. I had it all. The future was mine.

And then I lost them all.

At 23, I got into a relationship with a friend. He had a lot of good ideas, managed the business well, and I trusted him enough to build multiple joint ventures with him.

Then everything changed - it started with him aggressively yanking my arm. Soon enough, I found myself in emergency rooms regularly.

I suffered for more than a year. It’s not that I didn’t know that I was in a bad situation, and love wasn’t the excuse either.

It was fear.

I was scared of starting from zero. I was scared of losing my money. I have become financially dependent on this person.

As soon as I realized this, I woke up.

Was I really willing to stay in this relationship just to keep my money and my assets? Can’t I really start all over again — even if it means starting from nothing?

With less than Php 10,000 in my bank account, I escaped that relationship.

To my genuine surprise, zero wasn’t so bad… because even if I lost all of my wealth, I still have my skills. I still have my network. I still have my mental game in order. And I can use them all to my advantage.

It took me 3 full years before I was able to get back on the millionaire lane. Just 3 years.

Instead of focusing on making lots and lots of money, I spent my first year working on my foundations. Second year was spent working on my systems. And the last year? My results just grew exponentially quickly because of years one and two.


Foundations and Systems.

This is what most money teachings lack.


And this is what the

How to YOLO Wisely Course

brings you. 


What WOULD you do if money wasn’t an issue?


Would you get a luxury car? Travel the world? Buy a house?

My next question is… Why?

Because this question asks you to dig deep and look at what’s important to you. Why are you working so hard in the first place?

Para saan? Bakit? What is your Why?

But, in so much as we want to explore and pursue things to our hearts’ desire - we all have limited time and money. Most of the time we’re just taught to get good grades, the best job, the best position.

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

Your life, ladies and gentlemen. That is it... Really?

It seems that from the time of our birth, we were only taught to race towards our death. But we only have ONE life. With the kind of system taught by our society, lemme ask you this:

So far, have you ever truly lived?


Are you ready to start now?

The How to YOLO Wisely Course digs deep into these kinds of questions. More than the process of managing your money and working hard, the question of WHY is what drives us forward.


Hi everyone,


I’m Nikki, but some of you might know me online as Nomad Finance Girl!


For over a decade, I’ve been involved in business and finance, with most of my experience spent in trading the currency and commodity markets. As the CMO of LA-NFG Group of Companies, I’ve taught business, personal finance, and trading to thousands of students from all over the globe. 

There are many amazing and proven money advice out there. The problem with them is they’re all directed towards one goal: to be rich. Then people follow that advice… ginagalingan nila sa school, they work hard, they do their best to make a living — that in the process, they forget to actually live.

The same problem is happening now. Ang daming online courses that will give you 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (?!) figures a month. And syempre who wouldn’t want that? 

But these “How To” courses are what I call “Step 2" courses. 

Ang ending, some do get results, some don’t, but they all end up in the same place: “Eto na yun?” 

Most of the time, people skip their foundations. Their Step 1.

This is what the course is all about - deep diving into your foundations. 

The more solid we get here, mas madali na for us yung Step 2. 

But if your  foundations are wobbly, then no matter how many courses you go through, you’ll always fall short.

A 30-day Action-Oriented Program

At the end of the program, you will get:

Clarity on your why, your current money situation, and your own personal values-based money system to ensure you’re headed towards your authentic and aligned financial goals.

Equipped with the defenses you need to have to protect and secure your money for every stage of your life.

Strategies and secrets to making money work for you and your personal risk appetite.

Complete Action Plan to take you from point A to point B...

12 BONUS lectures from experts from different industries to kickstart your money-making journey!


Inside How To YOLO Wisely Course


Here's a sneak peek inside the framework that helps you

Find your Why and How:

Phase I: Getting Crystal Clear

This phase aims to help you understand what your money beliefs are and your current position with your money. This is the section where you’ll reframe and rebuild your money foundations.

> What’s your current money state and how did you get here?

Phase II: Setting Up Your Money Defense

Now that you’ve understood your starting point and solidified your foundation, it’s time to build your defense. 

> How protected are you in times of unforeseen emergencies?

Phase III: Setting Up Your Money Offense

It’s finally time to build wealth! Learn about what passive income is and what the different ways of earning are in the Philippines! 

> What are the different opportunities under your belt?

Phase IV: Taking Action & Passing It On

Day 1 starts when you take action. We don’t want everything to just be theories and concepts. It’s time to get everything done. 

> What’s your plan of action now?

All of these help you take action towards your dream life and help you understand how to tighten up your money system and live the life you’ve always wanted.


Look at what our HTYW Students have found after completing the program:


“Before joining the How to YOLO Community, my priorities were taking care of my family and saving up for the future, so wala talaga akong ginagawa for myself. I was delaying everything I wanted to do, thinking that I still had more time in the future, but I’ve learned in this course that it’s best to always live in the now. We don’t know how many more tomorrows we have, so I’m grateful for the course for teaching me life lessons with people who will help you feel accountable for all your goals.”


Nao, Corporate Employee

“Because I felt that I had outgrown most of my friends, I thought that maybe it was time to surround myself with people who had the same drive as me in living life intentionally. Thankfully, I found the How to YOLO Wisely Course that connected me with people from different walks of life, as well as taught me how to live life in my most authentic way. The course has many layers aside from finances, wherein you will question your values, your beliefs, and your goals. But, most of all it will help you break the barriers holding you back and help you find a path in living life to the fullest.


Lhen, Mother & OFW

They were once like you burned out, confused with where they were going, anxious. But now they’ve found joy in living intentionally daily and know where they’re going.

So imagine if your new day-to-day looked like this now:

You know who you are and where you’re going so you’re living your daily life according to them.

You have more than enough savings and money protection for the future so that you don't have to worry about finances anymore...

You have the resources and knowledge to allocate money into an account purely meant to be spent on fun and what truly matters to you.

You have a full understanding that you really only have one life and you can make it count by living intentionally every single day.


Other Inclusions and freebies!
-NFG Guarantee!

 Aside from the value-packed daily videos, worksheets and course notes, your membership to this course also includes:

LIFETIME ACCESS to the HTYW Student Community

PLUS!!! Get bonus lectures created and built by some of the best teachers in the business and finance industry

Designing Your Financial Game Plan
by Prexel Parnacio
Facebook Advertising 101
by Mau Nipal - Nangyo
Currency and Commodity Trading (Forex) by Marc Mancilla
How to Make Money in the Stock Market for Beginners by Lyrpa Mejorada
Social Media Growth and Content Ideation by Lui Baarde
Startup 101 - Turning Your Idea into Reality by Gia Santos
Building Your Coffee Business by Faye Amaya
Fitness for Go Getters by Chappy Callanta
Leverage Learning for Earning by Bituin Callanta
Living a Creative Life with Mia The Hoooman by Mia Apilado
How To Build Your Personal Brand as a Financial Advisor by Mariel Bitanga, RFPⓇ of Simple Finance
Emotional Mastery 101 by Sarah Suyom

Student’s Testimonials

How much does all of these really cost? 🤔

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything:

  • 30 Days of recorded videos, worksheets and course notes - Worth Php 150,000++
  • Monthly Live Sessions - Worth Php 50,000++ 
  • Lifetime Access to HTYW Student Community - Worth Php 100,000++
  • 12 Bonus Lectures - Worth Php200,000++

All of these cost a total of Php 500,000.

But get this, that’s not the price you’re paying for
to get your peace of mind, to find rest.

What if I told you to find peace of mind with your money, find rest in your day-to-day and live every day intentionally, you’d actually only pay

Php 10,000?

Because that’s right!

You’ll get it all for only

✨ Php 10,000! ✨


Php 500,000?

Think that’s a fair price?


Here’s what others have learned as well from the course:


“As an OFW, grabe ang hesitation ko to even plan to go home for good, because of job security. I thought to myself wala naman trabaho nag-aantay sa akin sa Pilipinas, but then the course shattered all these limiting beliefs. More than just learning how to manage my money, I reflected on my deepest whys – yung mga dahilan kung bakit ko ba ginagawa yung mga ginagawa ko ngayon. Upon answering those, my plan was clear: I wanted to go home, and even if it’s scary, I feel like I was able to take control of my life, since nagpag-isipan ko na rin kung ano ba talaga ang gusto kong makuha sa lifetime na ito.”


Jai, OFW

“I was a fresh graduate and officially unemployed for 9 months before I joined the How to YOLO Wisely course. To be honest, I had no idea sa laman ng course, basta binili ko lang kase naspire ako sa insights ni Nikki when I attended one workshop. I used to be someone na gulong-gulo ako sa life, dami kong iniisip na baka walang tumanggap sa akin if I apply for work. But, this course taught me how to define my own success and discover what life is all about. I’ve found the steps to achieve the life I’ve always wanted and dreamed about. From a struggling fresh grad, I’m now a consulting associate in one of the biggest IT companies in the world, along with having 2 other hustles on the side.”


AMC, Consulting Associate


Is The How to YOLO Course right for you?



✔ You’re ready to take action with your money.

✔ You want to learn how to YOLO wisely.

✔ You want to learn why you feel guilty and worried always with money.

✔ You want to stop living as if you’re chasing the next paycheck.



❌ You’re not ready to deep dive into understanding your WHY.

❌ You’re not ready to take accountability for yourself.


Message from Nikki


Most money gurus or coaches you see now market their programs as the answer to your money problems.

“Make 7 digits a month!” — some even go as far as 9 digits a month.

And of course, these guys are amazing teachers who truly know profitable skills that can help you get to 6, 7, 8, 9 figures regularly.

BUT!! But… the problem is no matter how many courses you attend and no matter how good your coaches are, if you’re using the wrong map and going to the wrong destination, then you’ll always waste your time.

It’s so easy to get enticed by promises of money over money over money… but is this really what you want? Is this really how you define success?

Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE MONEY. I believe that money is a tool to get what you really want. So, what do you really want? How do you define success?

If you’re living your life based on someone else’s definition of success, then you’re just a dead man walking.

If, for you, success means making money in pajamas, then go for that.
If, for you, success means having a lot of free time for your children, then go for that.
If, for you, success means doing something you love doing, then go for that.

Define success and run that race.

This is exactly what I teach in How to YOLO Wisely. Before you get to the How and the What, we have to clearly define the WHY — the “Para saan?“. The answer to “What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?”


We’re so confident about the quality of anything we send out that we always give the NFG Guarantee — the stamp of excellence that makes readers say “Hala! Bat ang mura lang non?!”

We believe in going above and beyond and providing so much more than what we promised you.

But we also believe that what we’re doing here is an essential life partnership. We’ll give our 100% - guaranteed. To get the best results, you gotta give your 100%, too.


So that’s it!

You get:

  • 30 days of recorded videos with daily worksheets, and course notes
  • Exclusive Monthly live sessions with NFG
  • 12 bonus lectures to kick start your money journey
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Student Facebook Group.
  • Exclusive Access to student-only affiliate program.

Everything only for

Php 10,000!



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